You’ve Been Doing It Wrong, Time To Do It Right!

Sep 9, 2015 at 11:11 am |

You’ve been doing it wrong, but it’s okay because Simple Hacks is here to help you do things more efficiently. Check out these five life hacks that we’re sure you’ll use and then smugly explain to your friends that they are doing things wrong.

1. Crossing out words

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Instead of scribbling lines over writing, just write random words over it.

2. Throw out those manuals!

Whenever you buy a product, go to the manufacturer’s site and download the digital version of the manual. You can upload them onto Google Drive or Dropbox and you’ll never have to keep paper copies again.

3. Untie a knot properly and quickly


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I’ve been using my teeth like a sucker.

4. The easiest way to organize your headphones

headphones curled up and secured by plastic bread tab

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Those bread tabs have more uses than sitting on my kitchen floor.

5. Slicing bread

If you don’t have a nice crusty loaf, flip it upside to slice so it doesn’t get all squished.

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You need these 5 life hacks.