Yaki Ravid’s Awe-Inspiring Bridal Collection is the Perfect Combination of Romance, Elegance and Style

Feb 17, 2015 at 4:10 pm |

Yaki Ravid Bridal Collection

(Photo by Dvir Kahlon)

Getting married? In search for that perfect dress? Well, look no further.

When deciding on what you want your dream dress to look like, there are many different questions that need to be answered. Which designer fits my personality? My body type? Am I getting married in the city, out in the country or on the beach?

If you’re unsure about any of these questions, don’t worry, Yaki Ravid has you covered.

Born in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1982, the humble designer has shown signs of having a knack for fashion early on. Considered to be one of the best fashion institutes in Tel Aviv, Ravid attended Shenkar. During this time, Ravid was also serving in the Israeli Army as a high ranking officer. Then in 2004, Ravid began making dresses out of his home for select brides. Soon, word spread fast and in 2006 he opened a small boutique in Tel Aviv. From there, it quickly became a destination for brides to be.

Ravid’s unique designs consists of soft silks and laces, giving each handmade vintage outfit its own characteristic of romance and elegance. This makes Ravid a pioneer for the modern and risky bride.

Yaki Ravid

(Photo by Dvir Kahlon)

We had the chance to talk to Ravid and get a feel for what the revolutionary designer tries to accomplish with his newest collection and brand. Not only is Ravid very witty, but he is extremely self explanatory. When we asked him to describe a Yaki Ravid wedding gown, he said “The perfect marriage of romance, elegance and style.” What a pun! All wit aside, the description of his gowns sums up of what every bride should be looking for. But we didn’t stop there with the questions…

Who is Yaki Ravid?

I am a haute couture bridal designer based out of Tel Aviv, Israel.

When did you decide to become a fashion designer?

I have been in love with fashion as long as I can remember. I would constantly watch Fashion TV as a kid and I just knew it was what I wanted to do with my life.

Where do your artistic influences come from?

Life experiences are constantly shaping how I design. Travel being the most prominent. The love collection was inspired by a trip to Paris and the Fall 2013 by a trip to Santorini.

How would you describe your fashion and style?

Unorthodox. Avant garde.

What is your favorite part about being a fashion designer?

It’s allowed me to take something I’ve always loved and do it for a living. Not many people can say that.

What was your first job in fashion?

I worked for Daniel Romi Kadosh making bridal and evening gowns. It was a great learning experience.

What skills are important for a successful career in fashion design?

Foresight, persistence and most importantly to trust your gut. People will doubt you along the way for sure. It means you’re doing something right.

Yaki Ravid Bridal Collection

Photo by Dvir Kahlon

Why did you choose creating wedding gowns?

It is a rewarding job. You get to take care of people during an important time in their lives. I have a special connection with my brides. To see the brides faces when they put on their gown means everything to me.

How would you describe a Yaki Ravid wedding gown?

The perfect marriage of romance, elegance and style.

Tell me about your new collection. What was your inspiration?

The new collection is a culmination of the last 3 years of work I have done taking the business international. I visited many boutiques in different parts of the world and absorbed everything that I saw. This collection is the end result.

Who inspires you?

Christian Dior, Valentino, Elie Saab to name a few.

How do you think wedding gowns are reinventing themselves right now? You are a big break in this wave. For example, you have a romper in your new collection as a wedding gown. Do you feel brides will wear that?

I feel brides are buying hugely based on fashion these days. The days of the big ball gown or A line are gone. My brides want something new and exciting. A lot of my brides have multiple outfit changes throughout the day. The romper is the perfect reception piece and will definitely not be forgotten.

What makes a bride shine in your designs?

A bride who gravitates to one of my designs tends to shine every day. My designs just give her the outlet to express herself the way she wants. The intricate patterns and fabrics I use when I design are made to highlight the best features of every bride.

What makes you different from other bridal designers?

I reinvent myself with each collection. I don’t fit into any mold, but you know a Yaki when you see one.

What are the biggest challenges behind designing a bridal dress?

You have to strike the right balance between the beauty of the design and the wearability and comfort of the gown.

What message do you want to send your admirers with your designs?

It’s your day, all eyes are on you, make it count.

What is next for Yaki Ravid? Any upcoming projects you are excited about?

Yes. I am very excited for the collection I am working on now. I believe it will be a real game changer. You will have to wait to see.

Where do you see yourself as a designer in 10 years?

To continue to revolutionize the bridal industry and perfect my craft.

Yaki Ravid Bridal Collection

(Photo by Dvir Kahlon)

Ravid’s collections are exclusively carried at the store Bridal Reflections in New York City. The family-owned and operated bridal shop features high-end gowns from many designer collections for brides, wedding parties, mothers of the bride and groom, and attendants. With over 40 years of experience, their professional bridal consultants and world-class seamstresses are experts at making every bride look and feel as special as the moment!

Bridal Reflections says that “Israel based designer Yaki Ravid is known for his gorgeous, dream inspired wedding gowns. We love Yaki Ravid for the vintage style, elegant designs and romantic, soft fabrics. Ravid’s designs are all about romance and high fashion making them totally swoon worthy. Subtle fabric detailing, chic silhouettes and flattering feminine cuts make these wedding gowns a romantic and sophisticated choice for the haute couture bride.”

The next Yaki Ravid Trunk Show will be from April 10 to 12 in New York City. The new collection will be showing for the first time at the Bridal Reflections boutique on 5th Avenue. Yaki Ravid is also available in California, Chicago, Michigan, Alabama, Melbourne Australia and England.

Looking for a gown that’s romantic, elegant, and stylish? Check out these gorgeous gowns from Ravid’s new bridal collection!

Yaki Ravid is a pioneer when it comes to wedding gowns. Don’t miss his newest bridal collection!