Woman Eats 9 Pounds of Steak to Win the ‘Big Texan’

Jan 26, 2015 at 11:41 am |

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Molly Schuyler may look like a “little, skinny, 120 pound woman,” but when it comes to competitive eating, you don’t want to mess with her.

Schuyler just set a world record in 2014 when she finished The Big Texan Steak Challenge not once, but two times in one sitting. That’s two 72-oz steaks, two baked potatoes, two shrimp cocktails, two salads, and two buttered rolls. While the challenge dictates that a contestant must finish their entire meal in under 60 minutes, Schuyler finished two of them in under 15. She ate her first steak in 4:48.

That’s nine pounds of steak, not to mention all the fixings, in under 15 minutes. Not to mention that during that time she was also able to wave at the onlookers and make a few jokes and other comments. Just let that sink in.

The meal costs a whopping $72, but those who complete the challenge are fully refunded. That’s not to mention that they gain a small spot in history in The Big Texan’s Hall of Fame. Schuyler now holds the #1 and #4 spots amongst victors.

The owners of The Big Texan, which has been offering the steak competition since 1962, said that only one out of every nine people are successful. They confirmed that Molly is the first woman to finish two meals in one sitting.

In the caption to her video, which she uploaded to her YouTube page, she stated, “I hope to do it well under 4 min next time – also I am going to try and do 3 whole meals under an hour.” Talk about dreaming big!

Molly cleans her plate like a champ, although there are a couple moments towards the end when she looks like she’s in trouble.

So are you feeling hungry, or did you just lose your appetite?

WARNING! This video will either make you very hungry or very sick…