What to Consider When Making Homemade Face Masks

Apr 8, 2015 at 9:42 am |

homemade face masks

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Homemade face masks have been around forever, but it seems only recently everyone and their sister are posting Instagram photos of chunky avocado smeared all over their face.

#homemade #beauty oatmeal and yogurt face mask, note to self to not do this on a hot day again…. #messy

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As someone who is conscious of healthy skin, I can’t help wonder if smearing random foods on your face actually does anything.

After some research, I found an answer: yes and no. As in, some help, and some don’t. Unfortunately, it’s hard to know which are your best bet. Here are three tips to consider when taking last night’s mashed potatoes and rubbing them into your skin.

What You’re Using it For:

Different homemade face masks will do different things. Citrus tends to help lift oil and dirt off the face while egg and oil can help moisturize. Do your research and find homemade recipes that are specific to your need. No use in plastering your cheeks with honey if you don’t need it, right?

Skin Allergies/Sensitivities:

Though you may not be allergic to certain foods, that doesn’t mean they won’t have an adverse reaction on your skin. Best to find out what works for you, rather than hoping something will work and finding out later that you’re screwed. The best way to do this is by making the face mask recipe and putting a little on a less-seen area of the face, or even your arm. Give it some time, if it doesn’t burn or create some wild reaction, you’re in the clear.

If It Will Really Work:

If you’re putting weird foods on your face, you might as well do some research to make sure it’s worth your time. If you find a recipe for a face mask you like, Google it for a minute. A lot of times, bloggers will test them out and give you their opinion. For others, it will be obvious that they don’t work, and you’ll find a lot of bad reviews.

Are you obsessed with homemade face masks? What’s your favorite recipe? Comment below!

Before smearing avocado and honey on your face, make sure you consider these tips first!