Weird Burgers

Sep 17, 2015 at 4:07 pm |

People seem to take a lot of pride in how they like their burgers prepared. Are you a burger purist with only meat and buns? Or do you enjoy all the condiments on your cheeseburger? At the height of food mashing, the following foodies experimented with non-traditional additions to their beef patties. Some of them make sense and some may be going too far. You be the judge and let us know on Facebook if you think they are genius or gross.

1. Jalapeno poppers


jalapeno popper on burger

Source: Instagram @foodbeast


2. Sliced brisket


sliced brisket on burger

Source: Instagram @new_wave_foodie

3. Mac and cheese croquettes


cheeseburger with mac and cheese croquette

Source: Instagram @burgersofmelbourne

4. Monte cristo stuffed


monte cristo stuffed burger

Source: Instagram @thevulgarchef


Would you eat these burgers?