Want Something Deep Fried?

Aug 14, 2015 at 1:17 pm |

Did you know the Portuguese were the ones who taught the Japanese how to tempura? There’s a little fact you can tell your boss when he catches you looking at food porn. Check out some of the wonderful ways in which we have taken deep fried things to new heights. It’s an amazing age to be a fryer. Warm, crispy, crunchy and most importantly – delicious.

1. Let’s start off light. Deep fried sushi.

deep fried sushi

(Instagram / cheatdayvancouver)

2. Corn dogs

corn dogs 00



3. JalapeƱo poppers

jalapeno poppers


4. Or just stuff the poppers in some wings…

(Instagram / FoodBeast)


5. Pancake battered mac and cheese burgers.

mac and cheese burger 0


6. For dessert: Choco filled beignet!



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