Unbelievable Burgers

Sep 14, 2015 at 2:29 pm |

We can all agree that burgers are delicious. However, regular cheeseburgers aren’t enough for some foodies. These 6 Instagram burgers knock it out the park with their awesomeness. Check out the burgers that are thinking outside of the box and let us know if you’ve seen bigger and better.

1.The game changer: Bacon wrapped onion rings.


cheeseburger with two bacon wrapped onion rings guacamole jalapenos and arugula

Source: Instagram @couplefeelings

2. The famous Shake Shack


shake shack cheeseburger

Source: Instagram @gunheenim

3. Triple bacon cheeseburger with three different cheeses


tripple bacon cheeseburger with brown bun

Source: Instagram @hamburguerperfeito

4. Wait. What?


cheeseburger tower with krinkle cut fries

Source: Instagram @bangponkingburger

5. Maybe the Paleo Diet is onto something…


paleo burger without bun with guacamole bacon and vegetables

Source: Instagram @theprimalpan

6. Three meats: Beef burger, grilled chicken and pulled pork


three meat cheeseburger with burger grilled chicken and pulled pork

Source: Instagram @goikogrill

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Bacon wrapped onion rings?!