Tuesday Is Tater Tot Time!

Oct 20, 2015 at 5:29 pm |

My love for potato products knows no bounds. If given the option of tater tots at a restaurant, I will get them over french fries. There’s just something about the extra crispy exterior and pillowy soft interior in a cute-as-a-button shape that is perfect finger food size. They are also big enough to be slathered in cheese, bacon, ranch, Sriracha mayo and anything else you can dream of. Check out some amazing shots of tots!

1. Jalapeno bacon nacho cheese tots

jalapeno bacon nacho cheese tater tots

Source: Instagram @dailyfoodfeed

2. Carne asada tots

carne asada tater tots

Source: Instagram @elainemarieee

3. Mac and cheese tots

mac and cheese tots

Source: Instagram @rayrod47

4. Tater tot nachos aka tachos

tater tot nachos

Source: Instagram @melissadmclaughlin

5. Chili tots

chili tater tots

Source: Instagram @laceohyeaaah

6. Loaded tots

loaded tater tots

Source: Instagram @engine23smokehouse

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