The Ab Workout For Those Who Hate Crunches

Jun 19, 2015 at 1:46 pm |

Is this you?


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Personally, I love a good crunch. They’ve always been easy for me, and I love feeling the burn from them. However I totally get that some people don’t like to perform on crunches. Unfortunately, if you want a strong core, sooner or later you’re going to have to start getting into crunches and hard.

So what do you do if you hate crunches?

Start with an Oblique Crunch Reach

And oblique reach is a great way to train your body into getting ready for real crunches, and even the dreaded sit up! They’re not too demanding, but they help condition your top abdomen and build its muscle to begin more intense exercises.

It’s quit simple:

1. Lay on the floor with knees bent and legs flat.
2. Put arms to your side.
3. Starting with your right arm, lift it over, and around your body and touch your left hand.
4. Switch and reach over with left hand.
5. Concentrate on your core, use your abs to lift yourself up.

This is a simply beginner’s move. If you do this exercise for a minute or two during your regular workout, you will quickly become accustomed to it. And that’s when you should begin to step it up and do something like this?

We believe in you, so show us what you got!

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