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Oct 1, 2015 at 3:18 pm |

We use technology more than ever in our everyday lives. From working on computers to having our faces glued to our phones, there’s no denying our love of tech gadgets. But all these machines can create clutter with their chargers and wires. Check out the ways you can keep your gear organized.

1. Power cord organizer

lego figure holding cords

Source: Instagram @mwtingley

This is the cutest way to keep your wires seperated and straight. Get yourself to the toy store asap!

2. Lego keychain holder

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While you’re at the toy store, pick yourself up some lego sets. They can be so useful in adult lives!

3. Keep your power station in a drawer


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This will keep your cords out of site and you always know where to find it.

4. Individualize your phone charger

glittered phone charger

Source: Instagram @trebleclef1022

Pretty! And you’ll always be able to know which one is yours.

5. Faster phone charging

man on smart mobile phone

Credit: Kostenko Maxim/Shutterstock

In the red but in a rush? Charge your phone faster by setting it to airplane mode.

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Organize your gear!