Taylor Swift Will Make $365 Million This Year, Here’s What She Spent It On…

Oct 20, 2015 at 4:59 pm |

Taylor Swift Earns a Million Dollars For Every Day Of the Year That She’s Fabulous – Which Is All Of Them

Taylor Swift on 1989 World Tour

Credit: Sascha Steinbach/Getty Images

It looks like the billionaires club might be seeing its newest member pretty soon — and this time it’s not an old, white, man. Au contraire…

America’s favorite songstress Taylor Swift is reportedly raking in record amounts of dough this year according to British outlet The Express. Exactly how much dough? Enough to that the site suggests she’s bringing in almost a million dollars EVERY SINGLE DAY for the projected year.

So far they report she’s brought in about $317.8 million since last January, which is no surprise given her record-breaking album release 1989 late last year and the subsequent colossal success of the 1989 World Tour, not to mention millions in endorsement deals with the likes of Diet Coke and Elizabeth Arden (and doesn’t someone have to pay her to be the Ambassador of Tourism to NYC?)

Actress Taylor Swift of 'One Chance' poses at the Guess Portrait Studio during 2013 Toronto International Film Festival

Credit: Larry Busacca/Getty Images


Here’s what Mike Raia, L.A. media analyst had to say about the oodles of cash flow that Tay-Tay is seeing:

“Right now, Taylor is untouchable. She is so far ahead of everyone else in the industry that she has become not only a powerhouse entertainer but also an important mover and shaker on the commercial side on the music business.”

But where’s all this bank going?

So THAT’S where it’s all going…