Snack Hacks in Seconds

Aug 18, 2015 at 2:46 pm |

Ah, snacking. One of life’s greatest pleasures. Check out these five easy and simple snack hacks to get the most out of your deliciousness. You’ll be mad you didn’t think of these yourselves, but we forgive you.

1. Now you have no excuse to eat a healthy snack on the go.

apple snack hack

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2. Upgrade your burger. Everything’s better with a fried egg on (or in) it.

snack burger egg hack

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3. Prefer crispy taco shells? No need to deep fry those tortillas.

tortilla hack

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4. Enjoying corn is easier than you think. Don’t forget the butter and salt!

corn hacks

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5. Pro tip: Worried about getting your hoodie greasy? Line it with parchment or tinfoil.

popcorn hoodie hack

Instagram: @lifehack_ru

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Nom faster!