Snack Hack: Healthy Fruit Snack With Only 2 Ingredients!

Mar 24, 2015 at 12:48 pm |

How many times have you gone to the pantry or the fridge, opened the door and just stared at the shelves mindlessly?

We’ve all been there — craving something delicious but then that little voice in your head asks “How many calories is in that? Are these sugars the good sugars or the bad ones?, how the hell do I tell the difference?” And then you either just go hungry or if you are like me you just eat it anyway, usually in a slight binge eating attack.

But what if you could snack on something delicious that is also healthy, and super easy to make? Oh and did I mention it is only 2 ingredients. Now that is my type of cooking!

The easiest healthy snack you can make. All you need is a bit of fruit and a plastic bear full of honey!