She Was Born “The Girl Without a Face.” If Those Who Suggested Abortion Could See Her Now…

Oct 14, 2015 at 12:11 pm |

Meet Juliana Wetmore, a 12-year-old Texas girl who made headlines around the world when she was born. Known as “The Girl Without a Face,” Juliana has Treacher Collins Syndrome, which is an inherited condition in which some bones and tissues in the face aren’t developed. Her parents Tami and Thom knew there was an issue during a routine ultrasound.


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Asked at the hospital if they wanted to terminate the pregnancy, Tami said, “We were a little taken aback by the question. We are not supposed to have all of the answers, we know the one who does!” The actual birth was fast, but little newborn Juliana had to spend over two weeks in the ICU.


juliana wetmore treacher collins syndrome

Source: Facebook/Juliana Wetmore

While tween Juliana has gotten stares her entire life, her parents don’t treat her any different than a regularly developed kid. “She is expected to work hard in school and earn her grades just like any of our other children,” Tami said. “She is expected to keep her room tidy and she has responsibilities in our house, just as everyone else does.”


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The family frequently goes to Florida to the medical team working on helping construct Juliana’s appearance. Her mother said, “As parents, our greatest challenge has been laying her on the operating table time and time again. It never gets easier. Juliana will still have a couple of more procedures done on her cheeks. Other than that, she is content and confident with how she looks.”

The Wetmores have so much love in their hearts, they have adopted a Ukranian girl, Danica, who also has Treacher Collins. “She had been in an orphanage for six-and-a-half years and no one had visited her,” Tami said. “Nobody had ever inquired about her.” They went on to adopt three more children in addition to the two biological ones they have.

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