Say Goodbye to Flabby Arms with this One Move

Apr 16, 2015 at 10:54 am |

Tired of waving goodbye to friends and feeling like your lower arm is waving too?

It’s time you got rid of those flabby arms. Zest is here to help!

There are dozens of exercises you can do to help burn that arm fat and build muscle, but who has time for a dozen exercises? We’re busy, that mimosa is not going to brunch itself, right?

So, for the efficient fiends reading this, here’s the number one exercise to help get rid of flabby arms.

The Arnold Press

All you need is a set of dumbbells and a chair. For dumbbell weight, you’re going to want something that gives you a little resistance. 10 pounds or so (to start) should do. If the weight is too light, just double your reps and you’ll feel the burn.

Here it is, super simple:

1. Sit straight on a chair or bench and hold the two dumbbells in front of your chest and shoulders with your palms facing toward you.

2. Pull your elbows out to your side, and twist the dumbbells and your palms to face away from you. Lift the weights above your head until arms are extended.

3. Lower the dumbbells in a reverse motion, turning the your palms back toward you to the original position.

That’s it! Do 3 sets of 10 reps at first and see how you feel. If it wasn’t that hard, increase your sets and reps.

The Arnold Press is a great workout for your shoulders and triceps. You want to work out as much as the arm as possible, and that’s why this move is so perfect.

Remember, to really get rid of those flabby arms, make sure to lower your calorie intake so you’re burning more than you’re consuming and to drink lots of water. If you follow those two tips and practice the Arnold Press, you’ll be wearing short sleeves and flexing like a rockstar in no time!

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