Sandwiches and Burgers That Will Blow Your Mind

Sep 30, 2015 at 3:31 pm |

We’re back to serve you more of the awesome burgers and sandwiches you love to drool over. Get ready to tie on a bib and take a gander at these wild, incredibly delicious foods. Check out our picks for todays sweet and savory food porn winners.

1. Vietnamese pork belly salad sandwich

vietnamese pork belly salad sandwich

Source: Instagram @foodie_adam

2. Lamb burger with fried brie

burger with fried brie

Source: Instagram @foodie_adam

3. Bacon wrapped burger with jalapeƱo poppers

bacon wrapped burger with jalapeno poppers

Source: Instagram @foodie_adam

4. Brisket sandwich with fried polenta cake

brisket sandwich with fried polenta cake

Source: Instagram @foodie_adam

5. For dessert: Dulce de leche cronut

crobnut with caramel custard filling

Source: Instagram @foodie_adam

These are mandatory eating.