Put These Pancakes In Your Mouth

Sep 4, 2015 at 10:00 am |

Who doesn’t appreciate a hot and fluffy pancake? Eat it by itself or add a pat of melting butter with some sweet, gooey maple syrup. Or go beyond and dress it up like it’s pancake’s wedding day. Check out these mouth watering shots of one of our favorite breakfast foods.

1. Vegan buckwheat pancakes


three vegan buckwheat pancakes with banana peanut butter blueberries kiwis almonds

Source: Instagram @tumblinbumblincrumblincookie

2. With chicken, bacon, cheese and bbq sauce

stack of pancakes with chicken bacon and bbq sauce

Source: Instagram @ben_sandle


3. Birthday cake


two plates of packcakes with chocolate syrup whipped cream and sprinkles

Source: Instagram @cawallo

4. Classic


stack of tiered thick pancakes with maple syrup drizzling on top

Source: Instagram @dreamfood

5. Nutella filled


stack of cut open pancakes filled with nutella and strawberries on top

Source: Instagram @food_only

6. Bacon pancakes


four thick bacon pancakes with maple syrup on white plate

Source: Instagram @chanellevioletg

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Make the most out of your breakfast.