Protect Yourself From Scams! A New Way To Steal ATM Pins Is Here!

Nov 10, 2015 at 6:24 pm |

There are so many threats to our financial and personal safety these days. Not only are there countless internet scammers after your hard earned money, but real life thieves like pickpockets. This new scam is undetectable by the victim and allows bad guys to guess your ATM pin number.

A new iPhone attachment that looks like a plain phone case has infrared vision capabilities. This device allows scammers to guess your pin numbers correctly 80% of the time after you punched in your code at the check-out line. Because your body gives off heat, the infrared detector will be able to tell which numbers and in which order you pressed up to a minute after you’ve entered your pin.

The video explains in detail how this is possible AND how to protect yourself from being the victim of one of these devices.

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