Outrageous Oreo Treats

Oct 16, 2015 at 4:35 pm |

We are Oreo crazy. There’s red velvet Oreo’s, pumpkin spice Oreo’s, berry Oreo’s as so many more limited edition flavors. But what about Oreo’s make them so great? Crumbly, yet moist chocolate cookies with sweet creamy filling. They are so simple, yet so amazing. Especially when paired with milk. But have you tried making other desserts with Oreo’s? These clever chefs have and you’ll be inspired to do the same. Check out these dreamy desserts made with Oreo cookies.

1. Milkshakes

huge chocolate milkshakes with oreos

Source: Instagram @alimonadashop

2. Bonbons

oreo bonbons

Source: Instagram @bakeclub_official

3. Ice cream shavings

ice cream shavings oreos

Source: Instagram @missnewfoodie

4. Red velvet brownie

oreo red velvet brownie

Source: Instagram @goodiesbydani

5. Oreo cannoli

oreo cannoli

Source: Instagram @jaspermirabile

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