Not A Morning Person? You Need These Hacks.

Aug 31, 2015 at 12:43 pm |

Is it hard for you to wake up during the work week? Hit the snooze button too many times? We’ve compiled some helpful little tips and tricks to get you out of bed and make the most out of your morning. You’ll be up and at ’em in no time.

1. Put your alarm clock / phone out of reach.


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This will require you to get up to turn it off. Once you’re up, resist that sweet sweet urge to go back to bed.

2. Wash your face right after you wake up.


woman in bathroom splashing water on face

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Before after you turn your alarm off, head to the bathroom and splash some cool water on your face. This will get help get the groggy out of your head and will motivate you to wash up.

3. Get a programable coffee maker.


black coffee maker from amazon


It’s only a few dollars more than a traditional brewer and you’ll have your coffee all ready to drink when you wake up. This one from Amazon is only $20.

4. Pack your lunch the night before.


woman at work desk with laptop and glass of water and lunch in tupperware


Take the five or ten minutes to make yourself a salad or pack-up leftovers from dinner. Then come morning, you’re all set to go.

5. Put on some music while you get ready.


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Some upbeat tunes will perk you up and get excited for the day ahead.

6. Don’t check your email right away.


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I know if I check my email while still in bed, it stresses me about the day. Wait until you’ve gotten ready and are about to leave or wait until your commute to get into work mode.

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Make the most out of your morning minutes.