Move Over Mermaid Hair, Galaxy Hair is The Hot New Trend

Oct 22, 2015 at 11:33 am |

I have lots of friends who have beautiful mermaid-inspired hair. They take their tresses and color them beautiful shades of green and blue and maybe even some purple in there. The result is amazing. But there’s a new trend taking over and it’s moving from the seas to space. Galaxy hair is inspired by the wonder and beauty of deep space. If you think space is just a void of black with some stars, think again. There are beautiful nebulas out there that are breathtaking swirls and swatches of color that is the wonder that is space. Check out some galaxy inspired hair coloring that will have you booking your next salon appointment today.

1. A shooting super star

galaxy hair blue and orange pink

Source: Tumblr @ colorfulhai-r

2. Deep space is anything but cold and boring

galaxy hair black and purple and blue

Source: instagram @ms_wonderland

3. Aurora borea-WOW-is, amirite?!

northern lights galexy hair

Source: Instagram @lysseon

4. See how gorgeous space can be? Bring it to Earth with your strands.

rainbow galaxy hair

Source: Instagram @lysseon

Your hair be can like a galaxy far far away!