Monday Motivation: How Beyoncé Can Help You Lose Weight

Jun 8, 2015 at 4:57 pm |

So, we just thought we could point something out for you that may motivate you to get those running shoes on.

beyonce running meme

(Photo by Kevin Winter / Getty Images / istock / vgajic)

Coincidence? Probably. But still amazing.

Here’s the thing. Dedicating an hour to working out, especially a run, can sometimes be a lot. But dedicating an hour to listening to Beyoncé’s Self-Titled is probably the easiest thing you can ever do. So why not combine the two?

It also helps keep you motivated, by knowing how much longer you have to go. When you hit “Jealous” you know you’re halfway through the run. When the album comes to “Superpower” you know you’re about to hear a helluva good song, but also that you have about 12 minutes before your run is done, so you should step it up and make sure to keep that heart rate up.

Also, if you need something else for your ears, throw back to Beyoncé’s Dangerously in Love, which also happens to be an hour long. Say goodbye to those calories!

Coincidence? We think not.