Man Eats 444 Hot Wings to Win Wing Bowl XXIII

Jan 30, 2015 at 5:21 pm |

Talk about indigestion!

Move over, Molly Schuyler, there’s a new champ in town. Today (Jan. 30) marked Wing Bowl 23 in Philadelphia, PA. This gastronomic event brings together dozens of competitors and hundreds of fans from year to year as hopefuls battle it out to eat as many chicken wings as possible.

This year, the ecstasy (and certain agony) of victory went to Pat Bertoletti of Chicago, who ate 444 wings in just 26 minutes. He beat out competitive eater Molly Schuyler, who came in a close second with 440 wings down the hatch. A distant third went to Bob Shoudt with 289.

After the contest, Bertoletti stated, “Im full, I want ice cream or beer, or something else, Im full of chicken wings. I own a restaurant so Ive been cooking wings at the restaurant all week. I ate about 300 in my last practice. I knew I was going to hit 400. I didnt know how many I ate today, its crazy. I almost lost it a couple of times.” That would not have been a pretty sight to see!

In a dramatic turn of events, former pro-wrestler Mick Foley was disqualified from the competition after he was caught hoarding chicken wings in the ever-fashionable fanny pack he had around his waste. The event is now being called #Winggate on social media.

Foley did not try denying anything:

See the footage of #Winggate below!

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How many wings could you eat? Learn about the shocking disqualification!