Mac And Cheese Burgers

Sep 9, 2015 at 11:56 am |

Have you tried putting macaroni and cheese on your burger yet? It’s trending with burger chefs and burger aficionado. It makes sense to put cheesy on meat, but could you finish a burger with extra carbs? Check out some of the shots of mac and cheese burgers and you be the judge.

1. Let’s start out simple

mac and cheese burger with sesame seed bun

Source: Instagram @hickoryssmokehouse

2. Double cheese

mac and cheese cheeseburger

Source: Instagram @menstailoredfit

3. With Fritos


mac and cheese burger with fritos on top and fries on the side

Source: Instagram @food_ilysm

4. With bacon


mac and cheese burger with bacon

Source: Instagram @allthingsfabulous

5. Switching the shape up


mac and cheese burger with pickle and fries

Source: Instagram @rehabburgertherapy

6. Fried mac and cheese for buns


mac and cheese burger with fried mac and cheese patties for buns

Source: Instagram @d_schultz_91

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