Love Lobster Rolls?

Sep 8, 2015 at 11:16 am |

Even though Labor Day marks the unofficial end of Summer tos ome, it’s still Summer to me until September 23rd. Let’s cram all the delicious summertime foods in while we still can over the next two weeks. That includes delectable lobster rolls. Every chef has his own twist on this filling, yet light sandwich. From bread to condiments, everyone has their favorite joint. Check out some of the best shots of the crustacean treat.

1. Finely chopped with lots of mayo

hand holding a lobster roll with dock and water in background

Source: Instagram @noleftovers_

2. Just claws in bread

two lobster rolls of claws in buns

Source: Instagram @bun_appetit

3. How they do in Maine

hand holding lobster roll in front of park with light house

Source: Instagram @thelobsterrollguys

4. With bacon

hand holding lobster roll with bacon

Source: Instagram @thelobsterrollguys

5. Asian flavored slider

lobster roll slider with black sesame and scallions

Source: Instagram @_missnico1e

6. More lobster than roll

lobster rol overflowing with lobster and potato chips

Source: Instagram @doingdfw

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Holy lobster roller!