Loaded Fries Are Here

Sep 25, 2015 at 2:54 pm |

Burgers and fries are BFFs. But what about loaded fries? They can be a meal in themselves and especially delicious after you’ve had a couple of adult beverages. Check out these creative takes on loaded fries. Do you make your own loaded fries? Share you photos on our Facebook page!

1. Asian flavored


asian loaded fries with pulled pork chilis scallions and sesame

Source: Instagram @yomgyogurt

They are made with pulled pork, chilis, scallions, sesame and with basil mayo and fried shallots.

2. With pork belly


loaded fries with pork belly asian flavored seaweed

Source: Instagram @safehousenp

How do I eat this? Just pour it into my mouth!

3. All-American


loaded fries with cheeses and bacon bits

Source: Instagram @aslongasweeat

Hello fries — Are you even in there?

4. Curly fries

loaded fries mexican style with olives scallions cheese

Credit: Source @chelseaclaire95


5. Fried rice flavored


fried rice with chicken shrimp bacon cheese scallions

Source: Instagram @bigmoo355_the1nonly

With shrimp and chicken!

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