Leaked: Girls Thought These Snapchats Would Be Deleted

Dec 6, 2014 at 10:00 pm |

Be careful with what you put on the internet

Leaked Snapchats

Source: Imgur

Everyone has access to the internet and these days, so the possibility of stealing one’s identity is huge. The pictures you upload to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat can easily be stolen. This alone is one of the many reason you should be careful about what you post.

Snapchat is the latest social media craze that everyone loves. What’s so cool about it is that you can take 10 second photos and videos that self delete after 24 hours. Perfect for those forgettable, drunken nights, right? Well, be careful, because the next best thing to snapchatting is screenshotting. It’s über easy to screenshot someone’s photo on snapchat. Just one click and your personal photo is in someone else’s library. These girls are victims of screenshots.

See the photos they wish they never took

These girls will make you think twice before uploading sexy photos to snapchat.