Kim K.’s Bizarre Paris Fashion Week Outfits – One Too Many Curves?

Mar 11, 2015 at 10:05 am |

Kim Kardashian in Paris Fashion Week

(Photo by Getty Images)

Paris Fashion Week has almost come to a close – and with that comes the end of Kim K’s strange outfit choices.

It seems that since the former brunette bleached her hair blonde, her new thing is to show off her cleavage with abandon.  The majority of her ensembles are transparent or see-through, and always accentuate ‘the girls.’ And when she wasn’t channeling her inner diva, she was showing off her love of fringe in a full-fringe party dress.

Of course, black will always be trendy in fashion, so we’re not surprised that for her first appearance during Paris Fashion Week she decided to wear a black velvet Balmain dress.

Is it time for Kim K. to grab a new stylist?

Check out Kim K.’s bizarre looks below!

Paris Fashion Week is almost over, and with it ends Kim K’s revealing outfit choices! What do you think of her strange looks?