Why Joaquin Phoenix Never Wears Leather

Feb 26, 2015 at 1:57 pm |

A new campaign from PETA is lead by Oscar-nominated actor Joaquin Phoenix. As the front man, he asks people to simply “not to buy or wear leather of any kind, ever again.” Uploaded on february 25, some of the most graphic and heart-breaking footage was displayed in Phoenix’s PETA video. The footage tells of the evil dog-leather trade practice that is caught by an undercover PETA investigator in Asia.

The message of the video is focused around China’s dog-leather trade. As seen in the video, dogs are brutally killed every day and turned into “leather gloves, belts, jacket collar trim, cat toys, and other accessories.” Workers in the dog-leather trade use metal pinchers to restrain the dogs while an accomplice hits each dog repeatedly over the head with a wooden pole to kill them. Other dogs stand by and watch the brutality while they await they turn at death.

A statement from PETA notes said that “Some dogs fell unconscious, while others cried out and thrashed around in agony. Some still struggled to breathe after their throats were cut. Finally, their skins were ripped off their bodies.”

Phoenix apparently was filmed by a PETA undercover investigator while at a Chinese dog slaughterhouse to give the true behind-the-scenes look of the horrific Chinese dog-leather industry.

Killing dogs for leather in China is not illegal, “and there are no penalties for abusing animals killed for their skins.” PETA is hoping to gain pledges by posting this link to sign up: http://peta2.me/2qwum. Join Phoenix and pledge not to buy or wear leather of any kind, ever again!

If you want to learn more, watch Joaquin Phoenix’s PETA video below. But beware, the footage is extremely graphic.

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