Jawbreaking Burgers

Oct 14, 2015 at 4:40 pm |

America is known for having huge portions of food. And we love our burgers. So it only makes sense that we would try to out-do ourselves when it comes to giant cheeseburgers. The taller, the meatier, the cheesier, the better! Check out these incredibly tall burgers that I can’t figure out how to properly eat without getting food all over my face. Get your bibs and napkins ready.

1. They should really layer the bacon.


multipatty cheeseburger with bacon

Source: Instagram @dreamfood


2. For the gourmand.


multi patty burgers with mixecd greens onions cheese on baguette

Source: Instagram @therealdamirovic

3. For those who like vegetables and a Diet Coke.


giant cheeseburrger with vegetables and a diet coke

Source: Instagram @yurisfitness

4. Forget the burger, tell me more about the guy.


12 plus cheeseburger patties stacked

Source: Instagram @teamfoodbible

5. I was so happy, I cried.


giant cheeseburger with egg and onion rings

Source: Instagram @kompasapp

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How are you supposed to eat these giants?