It’s Time For Fried Chicken

Oct 15, 2015 at 1:30 pm |

Down that cheeseburger and give chicken some love. You can’t say no to that super crispy and crunch exterior juxtaposed with the sweet and juicy meat. Do you like it original, spicy? Popeyes or KFC? On it’s own or in a sandwich? There’s so many ways to enjoy fried chicken. Won’t you enjoy some tonight? Check out some sampling of fried chicken to get you going.

1. Fried chicken with poutine (cheese curds and gravy over fries).


fried chicken poutine

Source: Instagram @tastetoronto


2. Hawaiian fried chicken


hawaiian fried chicken

Source: Instagram @hawaiisbestkitchens

3. With lots of spices and mashed potatoes


fried chicken in mashed potatoes

Source: Instagram @blueribbonfc

4. Sandwich with Canadian bacon


fried chicken sandwich with canadian bacon slaw and pickles

Source: instagram @foodie_adam

5. Classic


classic fried chicken with biscuit

Source: Instagram @bklynmag

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