In The Mood For Pasta?

Oct 19, 2015 at 2:21 pm |

Pasta is one of my favorite foods to make from scratch. On a chilly Sunday, there’s nothing like putting some heart and soul into delicious carbs and rich sauce. Plus you are required to drink wine while you make it – it’s the law. Yesterday I spent the afternoon making lamb bolognese with bucatini. Cream sauce, meat sauce or just simple olive oil I love it all. What’s your favorite shape and sauce combo? Let us know on our Facebook page.

1. Lasagna


slice of lasagna

Source: Instagram @dioraimondo

2. Squid and spinach spaghetti


squid and spinach pasta

Source: Instagram @yuko_and_monica

3. Ravioli

pumpkin ravioli with marinara and lots of cheese

Source: Instagram @zac_posen

4. Baked ziti

baked ziti with lots of melted cheese

Source: Instagram @chubby_life

5. Seafood linguine

seafood linguine with mussels cod shrimp

Source: Instagram @danielhungryhk

6. Gnocchi taco with bacon

gnocchi taco with bacon

Source: Instagram @dailyfoodfeed

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