Ice Cream Hacks

Sep 17, 2015 at 4:33 pm |

There’s only one bad thing about a carton of ice cream: Getting the ice cream out. The good stuff seems to get so hard, it results in bent spoons and much frustration. Check out these handy hacks the next time you want to dig in for some of the sweet stuff.

1. Use a knife

You will be able to scoop out the ice cream much easier with a scooper!

Run a sharp knife under hot water and cut a checkerboard one inch deep in the ice cream. You will be able to dig out the ice cream much easier with your ice cream scooper.

2. Easy, fast ice cream sandwiches


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This is so stupidly simple. Genius!

3. Who knew?

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4. How to store your individual scoops


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Great for parties!

5. Another great party idea

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6. Get fancy with these chocolate bowls


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The easiest treats ever.