How To Store Your Salad Greens

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Like most people, do you shop for groceries once per week? Do your salad greens often wilt before you get a chance to finish them? Stop wasting money and food with these simple storage tips. There are different methods, so pick what’s easiest and most convienient for you. With these hacks, you can keep your lettuces and herbs fresh for up to two weeks instead of days. No more wilted soggy or yellowing greens. Stay healthy and keep eating those greens!

1. Salad spinner

One school of thought is to wash, dry and store your greens right inside your salad spinner. Yup, just shove it in your fridge. Of course this takes up a lot of fridge space and then you can’t use your salad spinner for other things (I sometimes use mine as a colander). Read more about it at Lifehacker.

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2. Paper towels and zip-top bags

After washing and drying the leaves lay them out on paper towels, then roll the whole thing up and place in a plastic zip-top bag. Try to get most of the air out without crushing the contents. The paper towels will absorb excess moisture (which break down your leaves) and the less air circulating the better.

close up of mixed salad greens and herbs over a zip top bag

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3. Paper towels and plastic box

After washing a drying, put your lettuce in an airtight container with paper towels on the bottom and on top. If your greens already come in a disposable plastic box, just add the paper towels in it when you get home from the grocery store. Easy!

mixed lettuce greens sping mix

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4. Plastic bag

Put the greens in a plastic produce bag and blow a big puff of air or two to inflate the bag. Twist the top and tie it with a rubber band. “Blowing in air supposedly provides enough carbon dioxide to keep the greens fresh” says The Kitchn.

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Save money and preserve your lettuces.