How to Stop Overeating When Dining Out

May 6, 2015 at 12:41 pm |

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We all know that dining out usually means we overeat and never know exactly what’s in our food. Once I realized I couldn’t hide out at home and never go to a restaurant again, I learned to follow these rules (UNLESS IT’S TREAT DAY. Then I eat WHATEVER WHENEVER WHEREVER!).

1. Don’t Eat the Free Stuff

There is usually something free at the table. Bread, chips and salsa, mini muffins. This is sabotage. In fact, sometimes if the person I am dining out with doesn’t mind, I just ask the wait-staff to not leave anything. If I indulge in one, I’ll eat them all!

2. Always Order Water

Seems simple but why? In some parts of the country (where I live) there is a little thing called free refills. Before you know it, you have guzzled 4 diet cokes or ice teas. Stick with the water and always try to fill your belly with 2 glasses before your entree arrives. It will help with your digestion and leave less room in your stomach to avoid overeating! Plus, it saves you a few bucks!

3. Stay Green

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Always aim to eat 2 cups of something green. A side salad plus a green veggie or 2 green veggies is a great way to go. It ups your fiber count, fills you up, and gives you more vitamins. More veggies is always a good idea. It also helps you avoid the starchy sides you don’t need (say goodbye to french fries)!

4. Make it Hot

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Spicy foods are a good idea. Cayenne pepper and other spices help rev that metabolism and (SHOCKER) make you drink more water!

So if you can follow these rules, you can stay on your calorie budget and see the scale move in the right direction.


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