How to Make Your Own Terrarium

Apr 17, 2015 at 3:35 pm |


how to make a terrarium

(Photo by Chewy Boese)

A terrarium is a great idea to brighten up your home or to give as gifts (Mother’s Day is right around the corner, kids). Put them in a sunny spot in your living room, bathroom or porch. They are easy to maintain, as they don’t need constant watering, and they only take about ten minutes to assemble!

Here’s what you’ll need (everything can be found online or at your local nursery):

1. A container.

We love this cookie jar.

-Or even these birdcages. They come in in a set of two, so make one for yourself and give one away.

-West Elm has some striking geometrical containers.

2. Potting soil. They make a special kind just for cacti and terrariums, but any will do.

3. Activated charcoal to prevent rot.

4. Small pebbles for water to drain into.

5. Moss. Pick your favorite color!

6. Plants! Small ferns, succulents and cacti are the best. You can find them on Amazon, but we’ve had great luck with Etsy.


how to make a terrarium

(Photo by Chewy Boese)

Make Your Terrarium

Step One:
Soak your moss in a bowl of water. This will make placement easier.

Step Two:
If you are using a closed container, place an inch of pebbles in the bottom and add a handful of the charcoal. If you are using a birdcage, place a layer of moss at the bottom and a little bit up the sides before adding the pebbles and charcoal so they don’t fall through.

Step Three:
For the closed container, add about a half inch layer of moss and then your soil. Anything from an inch or two inches will do (the more soil, the bigger your plants will grow. For the birdcage, just add the soil.

Step Four:
Gently put your plants in!

Step Five:
Slowly water. Using a mister helps distribute the water evenly. In the jar, you don’t want to over water as it will be self-watering once you put the lid on and you do not want too much condensation. Succulents thrive on heat and humidity and using a closed jar helps create a mini greenhouse!

Simple as that. Now all you need to do is watch your plants grow!

Want to add some greenery to your life? It’s as easy as one, two, terrarium!