How to Lose Weight During the Summer

May 20, 2015 at 4:25 pm |

Do you feel like you aren’t quite ready to sport that swimsuit? Sometimes, summer sneaks up on us big time so you are not alone!! Here are some obvious (but never thought of) ways to keep that weight off!

Try Something New to Lose That Winter Weight

Did you know that gyms and boutique fitness companies run more specials in the summer months, especially sites like Groupon and Living Social? 2 for one’s, monthly discounted rates, and first timer specials run rampant during the summer. Time for you to mix up the routine, try something new, and take advantage in developing that slim waistline.

Getting Social Outdoors

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It is the time of year when everyone is BBQ-ing! So I always get nervous when I have to eat out multiple times during the week as it always leads to bloating and bulging. Obviously, summer brings more al fresco dining. Studies show that you are more likely to eat healthy and make better choices when dining outside vs inside. You can’t fry a chicken on a grill so stick with the grilled protein, veggies, and light summer salads from the BBQ buffet table and you can’t lose!

Stay Healthy and Bulk Up


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Outdoor Markets are popping up everywhere. Fresh fruits and veggies are in abundance so don’t be shy. Take your back pack to your local outdoor market and stuff it with the colors of the rainbow. Bonus points for the green veggies that are packed with antioxidants and fiber which keep you full control of your appetite and help your brain crave healthier foods! Did you know that fruits and veggies are mood boosters too? I don’t think a greasy cheeseburger ever made me felt good post grub. Just saying…

Bathing Suits = Great Motivator

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Most females dread wearing bathing suits and we’re less likely to eat heavy foods that cause bloating and water retention when we are sporting our suits. So eat healthy, suit up, and get to the pool or beach!!

Healthy Summers Include After Dinner Moves

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I am living proof that more steps leads to shedding  off extra pounds. And I don’t mean running either — I mean BASIC movement. Take advantage when the summer brings out more daylight hours. When you take a 30 minute walk after dinner you are less likely to grab that late night snack. Our doggie knows it’s summer time when we grab the leash after dinner. It feels good to go to bed meeting my step target for the day! What?? You don’t have a step target? Better get on that…

People think they can’t lose weight during the summertime. WRONG. Try these tips and share some of your own. Don’t forget that swimsuit selfie to show off your hard work!

People think they can’t lose weight during the summertime? WRONG. Try out these tips for gaining weight loss…