How to Flirt, From Women Who Flirt

Sep 18, 2015 at 2:38 pm |

Learn how to flirt with a girl, or a guy, directly from women who know their stuff. These women share their best flirting tips, secret flirting techniques, and attention-getting lines. Step 1: it’s all about the cheese. (For some of us….)

Ever wonder: is she flirting with me? Is he flirting with me? Figure it out by hearing how these women do their thing. Is he asking you a lot of questions? Did she touch your arm? Maybe when she does that baby voice she’s actually flirting with you. And, when she asks if you like cheese, she’s definitely flirting with you.

Everyone has their own flirting technique and you can learn a lot by watching it in action.

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Flirting. We all do it. And we all have our go-to style. What’s yours? You got moves?