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In America, school is already back in session for a lot of students. Set the school year off right and get your kids to be diligent about their dreaded homework. I used to do mine in front of after school cartoons — let’s just say it took a long time to get it done. I wish I had these handy hacks to get me to buckle down when I was a kid.

1. The Pomodoro Technique

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The Pomodoro Technique is a time management tool that increases efficiency by working in break times into the homework schedule. You set a timer for a set period of time and when the bell goes off, it’s break time! This is a superb way to keep kids on track, no matter their age. Set a short period of homework time, say 10 minutes, then a five minute break and repeat. Older kids could have the work period increased to say 30 minutes. Not only are you giving kids a gentle deadline to get things done, but also a well earned break so it seems less tedious. You can get this adorable timer for only $7 on Amazon or use this one for free online.

2. Join in.


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Kids will feel less isolated if mom or dad is sitting next to them doing their own “homework.” There are lots of things you can do like research, organize, pay bills, catch up on work, read, etc. Plus you will be easily available if the kids have any questions.

3. Correcting their pen grip

Credit: turlakova/Shutterstock

Credit: turlakova/Shutterstock

I still hold my pen incorrectly. It makes writing hard on my hands and my joints tire quickly. An easy way to fix a poor pen grip is to get your child to hold a bunched up tissue in their hand while they hold their pen or pencil. This technique brings all the fingers into the correct position.

4. Homework station

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Much like you have a little home office, set up a station for your kids. Complete with pens, highlighters, post-its, calculators and everything else they need. No room? Make a portable caddy.

5. Be pro-active

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Instead of asking “How was school?” Ask your child what concepts they learned or get them to explain a new vocabulary word to you.

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Homework doesn’t have to be hard!