Have A Car? You Need These Hacks

Sep 3, 2015 at 1:03 pm |

Automobiles make our lives so much more convenient. But with some many parts and nooks and crannies, sometimes they are pain to maintain. Check out these handy tips and tricks to make your car shine and to keep it tidy.

1. Put your car key fob under your chin to increase its range.

hand holding car fob key

Credit: pliona/Shutterstock

If you’re having trouble finding your car, place the car key fob on your chin to increase the range of the signal. How? The fluids in your head help conduct it!

2. Paint your windshield cracks with nail polish.

car windhield with cracks

Credit: Harry Huber/Shutterstock

It will slow the crack spreading before you get to the repair shop. Be sure to paint both sides with clear nail polish.

3. Driving someone else’s car? Look at the gas gauge to figure out which side to fill your gas. There’s a little arrow next to symbol for the gas pump.

empty gas gage

Credit: Soultkd/Shutterstock

4. Take a photo of where you parked

giant parkinglot with cars and trees

Credit: NikoNomad/Shutterstock

Did you know camera phone’s take more than selfies? If you are in a big parking lot at the airport, mall or stadium, this comes in super handy.

5. Wax your car with hair conditioner to give it an extra shine and prevent water streaks from forming.

hand waxing green car

Credit: Krzysztof Piotrowicz/Shutterstock

6. Store your quarters in a pill bottle

empty orange yellow pill bottle

Credit: David Smart/Shutterstock

Tired of loose change in every crevice? Those orange pill bottles fit quarters nicely for tolls and drive-throughs.

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