Halloween Candy Desserts

Oct 27, 2015 at 3:12 pm |

Do you already have tons of Halloween candy ready for this weekend? While eating it as it is is delicious, it may get old fast. Try baking with your various leftover Halloween candy (especially when it goes on super sale on Sunday). Or bake some festives noms for your Halloween party and impress your guests. Check out these ideas for how to bake with different types of Halloween candies.

1. Twix cheesecake bars

twix cheesecake bars

Source: Instagram @domesticsuperhero

2. Challah bread stuffed with candy

halloween candy bread

Source: Instagram @shasarna

3. Halloween bark

halloween bark with gummy teeth candy corn pretzels

Source: Instagram @brittnimehlhoff

4. Dessert bars

halloween dessert bars with oreos candy corn

Source: Instagram @lcanvasnyc

5. Stacks (brownies, marshmallow Fluff, Oreos, candy corn, M&M’s)

halloween dessert stack oreos brownies marshmellow fluff candy corn

Source: Instagram @balaboostas_bakery

6. Brownies

halloween candy bar with pretzels

Source: Instagram @ellaandanniemagazine

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All the candies!