You Need To Learn These Microwave Meals In A Mug

Feb 5, 2016 at 12:06 pm |

One is the deliciousest number!

I have a confession. Even though I used to be a fancy-pants professional chef, I cook like crap for myself. Since I don’t have to impress anyone else besides myself and my cat, I don’t bother pulling out the cool techniques and over the top presentations. But cooking for one can be a difficult task. Most things you pick up at the supermarket at targeted at couples or small families.

That’s why these easy-peasy single serving meals are a lifesaver for the bachelor or bachelorette. Get the noms in a single serving in just minutes. Really, they are for anyone who is lazy and wants a snack, so no one is excluded. Gemma Stafford from YouTube teaches these great recipes that cuts down on dishes and maximizes the deliciousness.

microwave pizza mug

Source: Youtube @Gemma Stafford


Easier than pie.

Learn the ultimate way to cook for one!