Why Jennifer Lawrence Doesn’t Diet

Jan 5, 2016 at 1:05 pm |

Your Happiness and Fitness Are Best Buddies

Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t diet, and she claims she never will. Instead she’s developed a consistent healthy lifestyle, one that she equates with her own happiness and allows her to care for her body in a totally natural way.

So where does this lifestyle start? With education! Lawrence credits performance coach Dalton Wong with helping her to build the connection between her mind and body that’s given her a natural affinity for fitness and health (and resultantly the body that we saw in 2011’s X-Men:First Class) And while J-Law did look incredible, it’s also a process that results in bigger-picture, longterm results…

jennifer lawrence and dalton wong

Source: Twitter @JLdaily


EXACTLY why she’s such an important role model for young women.

Find out how J-Law is keeping happy, fit and diet-free!