What Your Backside Says About Your Health

Dec 15, 2015 at 6:23 pm |

It Rhymes With Judy And Starts With A "B"...

…And we’ve all got em! These days, it seems like our backsides are trendier than ever. Everybody claims to have discovered the new perfect exercise for a firm, round behind, jeans are designed specifically to accentuate your most important feature, and there are even body squashers on the market that squeeze you like a corset into the ideal shape.

butt shape chart

Source: Imgur.com

But behind all of the vanity, all that fatty flesh down there has to have some serious implications about your health, right? In this gallery, you’ll identify what kind of tush you’re working with, learn what your bum might be saying about your health, and even get some tips and tricks from the pros!

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Your backside is like a window to your body’s health — come take a look with us!

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