What It’s Like to Not Be Attracted Other People

Feb 22, 2017 at 11:41 am |

It's not easy

Asexual people are those that don’t experience any sexual attraction. Finding out about and dealing with an asexual significant other can be very difficult. Most people will never have to face the challenges of having an asexual partner, but the ones that do have some pretty unique challenges and experiences. Not only that, but the story of figuring out you’re asexual in the first place can be quite interesting.

From the good to the bad, here are some things asexual Reddit users have dealt with over the years. From the first time they realized they were asexual to dealing with their significant other, they’re all worth the read.

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Can you imagine how difficult it must be to find out your significant other is asexual? Find out what some people go through with this experience.

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