Twitter Users Share Their Most Cringeworthy, Awkward Moments

Nov 13, 2015 at 3:55 pm |

That Awkward Moment...

We all know the feeling. Stomachs sink. Spirits die. We wish we could crawl into a hole and hide forever. Yeah, we’re talking moments that are that awkward.

Some of us are lucky to only experience an uncomfortable situation once in a blue moon, but unfortunately, there are those among us who are perpetually stuck in one awkward encounter after another.

And while it may seem awful at the time—or for years afterwards—there is something good to be said about all these terrible, horrible moments: they make for GREAT stories.

People took to Twitter to share their most embarrassing moments, and the results were too good not to share. If these leave you in tears like they did for us, make sure to SHARE and tell your friends. You won’t regret it, and maybe you’ll feel better about your own awkward moments after.

Start the slideshow below to see people’s most epically embarrassing moments! Wait till you see #13.


Get Ready to Cringe...