Top Performing Stocks of 2015 – Stocks That Rock

Feb 1, 2016 at 1:09 pm |

AKA all the stocks you were thinking of buying, but didn't.

Money makes the world go round. When you’re young, you learn that you put your hard work in and (sometimes) you get a paycheck resembling your hard work. When you’re older, you learn about this magical place called “Wall Street” where if you buy the right kind of stocks, your money grows without all the hard work. The catch is, to make it big, it requires lots of risk and little bit of luck . Yes, there are analysts to help you pick calculated decisions, but, there is no magic formula. Some people get lucky, some people don’t. Here are the stocks that did well in 2015.

*Disclaimer* All of this information has been taken from sites like and While Forbes (and PressRoom VIP) is a fabulous resource to use when researching which stocks you should buy, this information does not mean that the stocks will do well in 2016. We in no way are accountable for any failed stock choices in any kind of way.

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Source: Twitter @CNN

You’ll be crying when you see #12.

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