This Baby Has Never Had Sugar….What Happened Is Crazy

Dec 29, 2015 at 4:57 pm |

Starting Them Young.

When it comes to raising children, a million different people will tell you a million different things, and rarely do different generations, same generations, friends, or even family members agree on “the best” way to bring up a child.

Naturally, a parent’s biggest concern when it comes to child rearing is health, both prenatal, throughout infancy, and for the entirety of their lives. But some moms and dads are concerned about much more than just vaccinations, medications, and other best practices. What about a child’s diet?

Shan Cooper knows exactly what she wants to feed her 15-month-old daughter Grace, but is this what’s best for the baby?

baby eats no sugar featured

Source: Instagram @myfoodreligion

Would you put your child on such a strict diet?

Is this right for your children?