Things to Bring to a BBQ (Besides the BBQ)

Jun 3, 2015 at 4:27 pm |

If your grill master has the patties and hot dogs covered, what should you bring?

While you are counting down the minutes to the weekend, let us help serve a gentle reminder of what you should maybe bring to your friend’s BBQ.


(Photo by Instagram / food52)

One very important thing to note, do not step on the toes of the host by buying the meat for the celebration. The grill-master has been appointed and it’s time to take a back seat. Don’t feel demoted, take this time for relaxation, but come prepared with offerings that will reserve your spot at these summer gatherings.

If the grill master has the patties and dogs covered, what do you bring?

Click through for our list of things to bring to a BBQ that is not the BBQ.