They Called Her ‘The World’s Ugliest Woman’, Here’s Why She Couldn’t Be More Greatful…

Oct 28, 2015 at 6:53 pm |

How Do We Confront a ‘Culture of Meanness’ On the Web?

In the era of the internet activist Lizzie Velasquez really takes Nietzsche’s words to heart: “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.”

Haters are gonna hate, and miraculously this brilliant girl has parlayed the mass negativity she’s received in her life and has used it to help inspire confidence in herself and in others.

Lizzie reminds us if she can do it, so can anyone. After all, the social figure continues to receive hate-mail every single day. Why? Just because of the way she looks… “I’m in a way thankful for them,” Lizzie said to HuffPo. “It sounds so crazy, I know. … [They push me] to continue showing my message, and hopefully that message will reach that person or anyone else.”

Velasquez, who suffers from a rare genetic disease that stifles her ability to gain any weight and accelerates her aging, wants other people who are bullied to take control of their situations the same way that she has — through empathy and knowledge of human psychology and the self.

Here are a few reminders from the brave mind of Lizzie Velasquez that we all need to take to heart. As the web becomes more and more integrated in our lives, these are the words we need to hear, and our children need to hear to combat the rampant negativity we’re exposed to almost every day.

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